Healing • Hope • Grace

Healing from the past • Hope for the future • Grace for today

Donna has been a fierce prayer warrior in my life for a number of years. But after losing my Dad and walking with my Grandma through Alzheimer’s she counseled me in the most beautiful way. I had seen two counselors and when I left I felt no difference. Donna asked me questions, she used insight, wisdom and love to give me practical ways to walk through my grief. She helped me understand the new season of life and the changes that were ahead. She gave me confidence in who God made me to be and to use the experiences that had shaped me to help others. Her method of counseling felt so natural – like a conversation. It challenged me but also gave me hope. I still find myself using the tools she gave me and remind myself of her life-giving words. Her speaking is relational and heartfelt. She leads with love, compassion and understanding.


I have known Donna for many years now. Her teaching/counseling has been by far the best that I have ever had, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart! Donna delivered me from and evil “angry” spirit during Sunday School. She has helped me through many tough times! She has helped me “let go, and let God” in more ways than she knows!

I would absolutely recommend Donna to speak/teach at other ministry events. She has such a gift from God!!

Mrs. Lind was brought into my life when I dialed a wrong number from my hospital bed after coming out of a coma.
God guided my fingers that day to show me He never left my side, even in my darkest days.
Donna answered her phone not knowing who I was and spoke words to me only God could have known I needed to hear. He knew I dialed the right number that day!
She has given me so much hope and belief and restored my faith and love for our Father.
She has helped guide my path through her words of encouragement, strength and love of our Lord, Jesus Christ. I went through some rough times after that phone call, but now I’ve been blessed in ways I never could have thought possible.
Donna has been on this journey with me and will always be my inspiration. She is an amazing woman of Christ and I truly believe God sent her to me.
I am forever grateful to be loved by our Father so much, that He sent such a powerful force to come wake me up that day.


I love the way she teaches her Sunday School classes and even in counseling sessions!! The visuals that she gives along with her lessons, it just put everything in perspective. She’s easy to follow along with being spunky and fun! I always tell people to ” break it down to preschool level” when explaining something to me, and she definitely does that when teaching the word. She can break it down so you know exactly what the Word is talking about and you can understand it. I love the demonstrations and visuals you give Donna!

My first interaction with Donna was during an alter service. Little did I know that the verse she quoted to me, directed by the Lord, would be just the verse I would cling to in the days to come. Donna became the hands and feet of Jesus during the most traumatic time in my life. I am thankful for her willingness to be used by the Lord because it made all the difference in my healing. I still think of things she taught me and I have been able to share those principles with others.

I believe what sets Donna apart is the gift and anointing the Lord has bestowed on her to minister the Word appropriately and sense His leading to give encouragement when it’s needed and correction when it is warranted. She is a rare breed because she truly believes what the Word of God says and comes to the Lord with the heart of a child…and then lives that out!!! I highly recommend Donna for ministry to women. She has depth of insight, compassion for others, personal experience and a genuine love for people of all ages!

Donna’s first priority is to glorify the Lord with her whole life. She carries such an anointing of the Holy Spirit and it’s so evident that the presence of the Lord is within her. She genuinely cares and truly loves people no matter who you are. I have personally witnessed physical and emotional healing in many people she has ministered to. I believe she would just bust if she didn’t have an outlet to share her story and minister to others. She has counseled, encouraged, and spoke life into each member of our family on many occasions. I know all who get to sit under Donna’s counseling or teaching will be blessed I would encourage any church to invite her to come and minister, you will be blessed! God will absolutely move through her obedient servant heart.


Pastors Mike and Christa Blain

Brighton Assembly of God Youth Pastors